Costs of Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney


Accidents and mishaps are a part of life. Unfortunately, the most serious incidents can result in the death of a loved one. If you believe the passing of a loved one was because of someone else’s negligence or deliberate actions, you should speak to an attorney. An experienced lawyer can discuss your situation and determine whether it warrants filing a wrongful death lawsuit. If you win your case, you could be entitled to compensation to cover medical and funeral costs as well as the pain and suffering you endured. Hiring and working with a lawyer requires a financial commitment, so it is good to know what you can expect to pay for this expert service.

Hourly Rate

Some attorneys will charge you per hour for their payment. Your lawyer will bill you for any time he or she spends on your case. This could include anything from appearing in court and working on briefs to making phone calls and doing interviews, to conducting research. Hourly rates will vary considerably depending on the lawyer’s experience and the complexity of the case. You can expect to pay anywhere from $150 an hour to $500 an hour.

Contingency Fee

Most lawyers, however, will work on a contingency basis. this means that if you win your case, your will pay your attorney an agreed-upon percentage of your settlement. This is usually between 10% and 50% of your proceeds. Usually, though, lawyers charge around 35% to 40%. Many wrongful death attorneys will not charge you if you do not win your case.

Factors that Determine the Rates

Be aware that what you pay your attorney will be different than what someone else may have paid for counsel in a wrongful death lawsuit. Your financial obligations will depend on the nature of your case as well as other elements. For instance, if your lawyer has been practicing wrongful death law for 30 years, you can expect to pay a higher hourly rate or a larger contingency percentage. Attorneys who work at a large firm tend to have higher fees than a lawyer who works at a smaller firm or on his or her own. Also, if your lawyer practices in a large urban area, you can expect to pay more than if the attorney worked in a rural part of the state.

It is helpful to be prepared financially for your wrongful death suit. Though the costs can be high, hiring a skilled attorney can give you a better chance of winning your case.  If you might have a wrongful death case, contact a wrongful death Lawyer to discuss your case.