Filing a Lawsuit For an Uber Accident

The popularity of Uber and other ride-sharing companies have taken off in recent years. People love that they can hop to and from where they need to go quickly, and at a reasonable price. However, what many Uber users may not realize is how little they are protected if an accident were to unfold. Ride-share companies work hard to reduce liability on their end, so they don’t have to spend money to help victims.

If you were recently in an accident while riding in an Uber, then you may be entitled to compensation through filing a lawsuit. But, before filing, it’s important to get insight from a lawyer about your case. Depending on the factors of the accident, there are several parties that may be named as defendants: 

For years, Uber has lobbied against having drivers listed as employees, so they can avoid liability for accidents and other injury incidents. If Uber drivers were categorized as employees, then as an employer, Uber can be held accountable for their worker’s actions. Because this is still a gray area, victims should consult with a personal injury lawyer about how to go about seeking compensation from Uber. 

Your Uber Driver
An Uber driver that was being reckless and caused an accident during your ride may be liable to pay for your injuries, property damage, and other losses. However, many Uber drivers are everyday people like you, and they may not have the means to cover your bills even if your case wins. Your lawyer can advise further as to whether legal action against the Uber driver is worth it. 

Defective Products
Many people don’t realize that defective products frequently cause car accidents. So when this happens, the company that sold, manufactured, or designed the product can be held liable for the victim’s injuries. Your lawyer can perform an investigation to see if a defective product was a factor in the Uber accident.

For more information about what to do after a ride-sharing accident, contact a team of uber accident lawyers, such as those from Royce Injury Lawyers, LLC today.