Injury At A Hotel

It is one thing to suffer an injury in the comfort, or discomfort, of your own home for reasons caused by you. However, when you leave the comfort of your home and decide to take a trip for any reason, when you pay for a hotel the last thing you want to do is suffer an injury on the hotels behalf. Especially after already having paid your money, even if you have not paid a dime yet. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury at a hotel due to their negligence, this is not just a personal injury case, this is now considered premises liability and if an injury occurs the hotel will be held responsible for the damages.


Because hotels are generally open to the public, the hotel is responsible for making sure that anyone who steps foot on the property is safe. This means, parking lots must be kept up, elevators must be up to code, everything even down to the bedding placed on the beds must be safe for those that may potentially come in contact with it. The injuries may come from a slip and fall, and electrical issue, or otherwise. No matter how the injured party suffered the injury, just so long as it can be proven that it was due to the hotels’ failure to ensure the safety of its guests, the hotel will be held liable. Unfortunately for the hotel, even if there was a hazard that they were not aware of, they would be responsible for damages caused to the injured.


The hotel must have a clear duty to ensure the guests safety, that duty must have somehow been breached. Duties are typically breached when the hotel staff or hotel management did not do their part. This may be their failure to clean a wet spot in the hallways, or even their failure to make sure the bed was properly secured before or during your stay. If these failures caused any injury to you or someone you know, you may have a decent premise liability case on your hands. Your home away from home should make you feel just as safe and secure as your home does, the moment it does not and an injury occurs, speak with a skilled personal injury attorney in Atlanta, GA, like The Lynch Law Group – Attorney At Law with experience in premise liability cases to see what your changes of compensation for your damages are.