The Potential Consequences of a Conviction for Sexual Assault After The Fact

The Potential Consequences of a Conviction for Sexual Assault After The Fact

In many cases, a sex crime is charged as a felony when the nature of it is violent. Convictions for a felony sex crime are serious, and in addition to being fined, the felon will most likely be sentenced to prison. Once someone is charged with a crime of a sexual nature — whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony — it’s important that they do not delay in contacting a respected lawyer. As a good sexual assault, a criminal defense lawyer knows, the accused may be initially charged with a misdemeanor, but as the prosecutor develops their case, they may add more charges or elevate the misdemeanor to a felony. Sometimes this can be avoided with early intervention by a sex crime defense lawyer, like a criminal defense attorney in San Francisco, CA, who can negotiate a plea bargain early in the process.

Another advantage to hiring a defense lawyer is that they are seasoned litigators who are familiar with a majority of the city’s court judges, prosecutors, and assistant prosecutors. This can not only lend toward building a strong defense, but it can also add in negotiations and pleas to the court.

Potential Incarceration
Sentencing terms for sexual assault convictions range dramatically from time served to life in prison. This is because the circumstances of the crime can vary so widely. Certain factors tend to increase the severity of the sentence, such as when a deadly weapon was used by the convicted while committing their crime. Although probation may eventually be possible, there are requirements that must be met which can impinge on the person’s lifestyle. For instance, they will probably not be allowed to leave town for work or recreational purposes. Without a sexual assault, criminal defense lawyer representing you, it will be difficult to convince a judge and jury that you should not be sent to prison for several years or even longer.

Challenges in Gaining Employment and Other Opportunities:
If you have a sexual assault conviction on your criminal record, it will show up on any background check performed by a potential employer, mortgage or loan company, school admissions department, or housing application. If the conviction was a felony, simply having a felony on your record will revoke your right to own or possess firearms or vote. Let a sexual assault, criminal defense lawyer defend you by presenting the prosecutor and court with a solid defense case if you are ever in this situation. 

Mandatory Registration as a Sex Offender
In most states, those who are convicted of a sex crime must register with their state as a sex offender. That information, including your home address, will be available to the public. There are free apps that people can download or websites they can visit which reveal all the registered sex offenders living in their area. The details of the crime may not be available, so if it was a minor offense, this detail may not be mentioned, leading your fellow community members to possibly assume the worst.

Protect your rights and contact an experienced sexual assault, criminal defense lawyer to learn how he or she can help your case.

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