Why You Should Hire a General Practice Attorney

Throughout your lifetime, you can expect to encounter a variety of legal issues. Some of these are happy events, such as buying your first home or adopting a child. Others may produce more negative emotions and involve more significant stress, such as personal injury, divorce, or even when you are coping with misdemeanor or felony charges. Whatever your legal situation, having just one phone number to call for legal assistance from your general practice attorney can help ease the situation and reduce your anxiety. General practice attorneys get to know you or your business personally. They strive to build long-term relationships with their clients. They aim to ensure you have the legal support you need regardless of what area of law it falls in.

Advantages of general practice law firms

Most people believe they need specialized lawyers and boutique law firms to provide them with the legal support and representation they need. However, when you bring your case to a general practice attorney, you gain a host of advantages over a boutique law firm. Some of these include:

Professional lawyers having conversation

Individualized and personalized support for many legal issues: General practice lawyers have an extensive and diverse background in the different areas of the law. One attorney with a focus in general practice can provide you with the specialized support you need for the situation you are dealing with at the moment. Additionally, when you have a need again in the future, your attorney can help with that legal matter, as well. 

When you have a relationship with a general practice attorney, there is no need to hire a different lawyer every time you have a new legal need. This can save you time and money in the long run. It also ensures that you have the support and representation from an attorney who provided the same in a prior circumstance—an attorney that you have both trust and confidence in.

Continuity in your legal needs:  Not all legal matters fit neatly within just one area of the law.  Family issues can involve numerous things—from relationships to long-term financial planning to real estate matters. Furthermore, personal injury cases can involve employment issues or may require experience in the legalities behind complicated medical conditions. By focusing on a wide range of different areas of the law, these legal professionals can draw from their broad knowledge base to provide the full range of support you need.

A personal and professional relationship with you: Each time a general practice lawyer helps you with a legal matter, they get to know more about you. They become familiar with your unique legal needs. This familiarity allows them to provide focused, personalized support. You won’t have to start at square one with a new attorney each time you need legal guidance.

General practice attorneys can take on many of your legal matters. They aim to provide the level of legal support you require currently, and work to establish a relationship you will need for future legal issues. They can help to draw up paperwork, investigate accidents and charges, negotiate settlements, protect your legal rights, and represent you in court.