Consequences of Getting a Speeding Ticket


Not everyone gets caught, but most people probably exceed the speed limit at least occasionally. The consequences of this violation, however, can be severe. At worst, you could injure or kill someone. Even if you don’t harm another driver or passenger, you could face some stiff penalties. The type of punishment will vary from situation to situation.

Verbal Warning

If a police officer has never pulled you over for speeding, don’t think you’re out of the woods. Chances are decent that if you regularly go over the speed limit that you’ll eventually get caught. First-time offenders may get off easy with a simple warning to be mindful of how fast they are going. Other factors in avoiding a ticket include not going more than 10 miles over the limit, acting cooperatively with the officer or not being under the influence.


A speeding ticket may not be the worst punishing you could receive for breaking the law, but it may not come at a convenient time. Tickets can range anywhere from $50 to over $1,000, depending on how fast you were going and where you were. For example, speeding in a school zone will almost certainly result in a hefty ticket. Going 50 miles per hour over the limit will leave you with a big fine, along with other punishments. Some states also have higher minimum and maximum ticket ranges.

License Suspension

If you have had three or more speeding violations in the last three years, you may soon be without a license. If the officer determines that you were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may face a suspension. Also, reckless driving will often lead to a license suspension.

Jail Time

As if losing your license isn’t bad enough, imagine the possibility of being behind bars. It could happen in some circumstances. In some U.S. states driving more than 100 mph can be a felony offense. This could lead to a one-year sentence in jail. The odds of you receiving this punishing will increase if you are more than a one-time offender.

Get Legal Help

If you are punished for speeding, and you believe you have received an unfair punishment, speak to an attorney. An experienced traffic law lawyer can sort out the details of your case and determine whether the decision was justified.

If you are worried about the consequences of speeding, the most effective strategy is to not speed. If you do make a mistake, be prepared for the penalties or consult a Wythe County speeding ticket lawyer.


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