Drunk Driving & Car Accidents – Protect Yourself and Others from Drunk Driving Accidents

Many dangers could occur when you are highly intoxicated, and you’re driving at the same time. Cases of car accidents due to drunk driving is prevalent in U. S. ⁴/¹⁰ causes of car accidents as to do with alcohol, said by the National Highway Traffic Administration.

As long as you’re drunk, it would help if you never got behind the wheel of a car. This is because driving a car demands focus, cooperation, capability to judge distance and speed, wisdom and care for the safety of road users. Drunk driving can disable one’s necessary driving skills that are needed to drive a car safely.

All types of alcohol influences a person’s ability to drive a car and could lead to the need of an experienced car accident lawyer Kansas City, MO, like from Royce Injury Attorneys. The exact amount of alcohol and drunkenness results from alcohol. Most people believe that drinking coffee, taking a cold shower, exercising can clear one’s head up. This is false. The only way you can clear your head is by giving yourself adequate time to let the alcohol settle.

The Dangers of Driving a Car While Using alcohol or drugs

In as much as drinking alcohol can be dangerous while driving, that’s precisely how drugs can be while driving. Taking drugs is very dangerous because most of us don’t know what the drugs can do to our system. Taking self- prescribed drugs should stop, mainly when you are about to get behind the wheel of a car. Alcohol and drugs have a tremendous influence on our body systems, such as drowsiness or nervousness. Be safe and do away with anything that can terminate our life and the lives of others.

How to protect yourself and others from Drunk Driving Accidents

Do not drink when you know you are going to drive home. If you know you’re drinking, then call a taxi, or seek assistance from a friend. Your primary aim is not driving home yourself because you know you’ve been intoxicated. Or you could be a good friend by not letting your friend drive themselves home because they have been drinking or using drugs, make sure they don’t operate their car, you can help hire a taxi or Uber.

Noticing a drunk driver on the highway. It is always possible to detect a drunk driver on the roadside. Here are signs to watch out to detect a drunk driver:

  • Driving zigzag or speedily
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Dodging within the traffic lane
  • Speed up the pavement
  • Stops too quickly
  • Doesn’t keep to the traffic signs

A drunk driver does not usually notice the above signs. If you know you’re on the road with a likely drunk driver, make sure you keep as much distance as you can. If you are behind a drunk driver’s car, be extra careful before trying to pass or wait for it to take his/her time. If you are ahead, keep your distance so the driver can pass you. You must be very careful on the road so you won’t be a victim of a car accident. You can also call the police immediately if you see a drunk driver on the road.