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How To Discuss Prenuptial Agreements With Your Partner

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Prenuptial agreements get a bad rap, but they can actually be beneficial for many couples. If you are thinking about entering into a prenuptial agreement, you may feel nervous about discussing the subject with your partner. However as explained by our friends at Carpenter & Lewis PLLC if you approach the topic carefully, you can have a successful conversation.

Here are some tips for discussing a prenuptial agreement with your partner.

Have the Conversation Early

You definitely do not want to talk about a prenuptial agreement a week before your big day. Your partner may need ample time to process the subject, so try to have the conversation several months before your wedding. This will give your partner plenty of time to express his or her questions and concerns.

Bring Up the Subject at the Right Time

When it comes to discussing controversial topics like prenuptial agreements, timing is everything. It is probably not a good idea to bring up the subject when your partner is stressed or upset. He or she will be less likely to respond positively to the conversation. Instead, try to have the conversation when your partner is in a happy and relaxed mood.

Discuss the Positive Aspects of Prenuptial Agreements

Many people focus on just the negative of prenuptial agreements. They might assume that their marriage is doomed or that their partner does not truly love them. That is why a prenuptial agreement lawyer may advise you to talk about the positive aspects of prenuptial agreements with your partner. For example, you can tell your partner that a prenuptial agreement allows you to determine how bills will be paid and allocate debts. If your partner learns about all benefits of this agreement, he or she may be more open to entering into the agreement.

Explain Why You Want a Prenuptial Agreement

After telling your partner that you want a prenuptial agreement, the first question he or she will probably have is “Why?” It’s important to help your partner understand why you are choosing to have a prenuptial agreement. For example, if you have already gone through a stressful and expensive divorce and do not want to deal with that again, tell your partner that. If your partner learns about your reasoning, he or she may be more accepting of the prenuptial agreement.

Listen to Your Partner

Once you open up the floor to talking about a prenuptial agreement, you should take the time to listen to your partner’s questions and concerns. Your partner listened to you, so you should give him or her the same respect. Even if your partner does not seem happy and has a lot of negative things to say, be patient and empathetic. Try to understand where your partner is coming from and realize that you may not always agree on everything. Work to find creative solutions that may be good for both of you.

If you want to create a prenuptial agreement, you should schedule an appointment with a prenuptial agreement attorney soon.