The Five Reasons You Need an Attorney After a Car Accident

Driving a car is a big responsibility, but some people take their personal liability very lightly when it comes to speed, alcohol and texting. If you are driving and another vehicle collides with yours, you need to contact a car accident lawyer, right away. Here are five reasons you need to seek counsel after a car accident. 

1. Protecting Yourself

Accidents can be costly. Vehicles are expensive to repair, and you may be blamed for the accident and asked to foot all the bills associated with the collision. Your attorney can identify your rights and help you protect them if you are sued or if you need to sue the other driver. Some statutes limit the time allowed to seek compensation, and you don’t want to miss that window of opportunity.

2. Complying With Rules

Legal paperwork can seem to go on forever when filling out all the information necessary to begin a lawsuit or answer insurance questions. Your legal representative can help you by handling all the paperwork and making sure to follow all the rules in your state. Your lawyer can also make sure your missing information doesn’t jeopardize your case.

3. Proving Liability

The other car may have hit you but proving that driver’s liability may be a complex issue. With all the witnesses to interview and the police report to comb through, you can easily become confused about proving a breach of duty or negligence of liability.

4. Settling Opportunities

A little-known fact is that the majority of cases settle before going before a judge. Rather than trying to deal with your insurance company and someone else’s attorney on your own, turn the job of settlement over to your lawyer. Your attorney can help you understand the legal implications of a binding agreement that removes your future right to sue if misfortune should befall you because of injuries related to the accident.

5. Financial Responsibility

No matter how physically injured you are from an auto accident, there is a timetable set that states when you are allowed to sue for compensation for damages to you, your property and your vehicle. If you miss that window, file improperly or fail to present pertinent information, you may be barred from taking future legal action. That would mean all accident recovery would be your financial responsibility. An attorney can make sure you file correctly and on time.

If you are involved in a car accident, contact a lawyer right away. Most attorneys have free consultations that will allow you to discuss the legal implications of your case. Talking to a legal representative is an excellent first step in your recovery.