Top Auto Accident Injuries That You Can File a Lawsuit For

Traumatic brain injury, neck and back injuries, shoulder, hand, wrist, or arm injuries, sprains, and fractures are all some of the most common auto accidents injuries. There is no doubt that you can file an auto accident lawsuit for most of these injuries.

According to research, about 80 thousand people are involved in auto accidents every year. However, most people don’t think about this until they become a victim of an auto accident and require the driver at fault to pay them back all they spent on medical fees and all they have lost due to the accidents. The importance of a lawsuit is to ensure all the medical expenses and other losses are paid back to the victim.

Traumatic Brain Injuries
Even the common auto accident injuries can lead to lawsuits including traumatic brain injury as one of the most serious injuries. TBI is a prevalent injury amongst the auto injury lawsuits. They usually occur from the victim’s head being hit by hard objects in the car or when the victim hits their head on the steering wheel. The report with the diagnoses and cause takes quite some time to prove to be real because the victim has to be put in check to observe if there’s any problem with their mental health. Doctors will need to perform a scan like the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or CT scan to diagnose a brain injury, and the results might not be tendered quickly. Insurance companies also typically do not cover this. Therefore the victim might have to file a lawsuit to ensure the wrong party pays all medical expenses for the diagnosis.

Neck and Back Injuries
Another common injury that can lead to a lawsuit is neck and back injury. This type of injury often leads to a permanent disability, which sometimes requires risky surgery and is quite expensive. So the victim can file a lawsuit against the wrong party and get full compensation for the medical expenses.

Shoulder, Arms, and Wrist Injuries
The shoulders, arms, and wrist are often affected in auto accidents because the driver grips the steering wheel to gain control of the car while the accident is happening. They often suffer broken bones from the wrists and arms up to the shoulders. Sometimes they are required to have physical therapy. At that moment, there will surely be loss of motion. Due to this injury, they often miss work, and their wages are at stake. A lawsuit can be filed to ensure full compensation to the victim.

Broken Bones and Fractures
Finally, Fractures and sprains are often experienced in the lower part of the body. A perfect example is when the airbag doesn’t deploy. The driver might be forced to press down the brake pad with their right leg causing a break in the leg. This can affect their movements for a very long time because they sometimes require surgery to get their leg back in shape. The driver might not be able to work while they recover, so they will have to file a lawsuit to ensure full compensation of all that they have lost.

Contact an Attorney
Bottom line is when auto accidents involve all the injuries listed above, a car accident attorney, like a car accident lawyer Kansas City, MO trusts, will file lawsuits to ensure the victim is compensated for his or her injuries. His medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost income will hopefully be fairly compensated.



Thanks to Royce Injury Attorneys for their insight into some of the injuries that people may sue for after being in a car accident.