Understanding Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

When one person is injured due to the action or inaction of another person, it becomes a personal injury issue, and a legal dispute often arises because of the injury. The harm can be a result of damage to a person’s mind, body, or emotions, and the injury can be a short-term problem or a long-term issue. Here are four of the most common types of cases that personal injury lawyers can help you with.

Vehicle Accident

There are a reported 16,500 auto accidents a day across the United States, or around 6 million a year. Over half of those accidents result in non-fatal injuries that often cause mounting medical costs. The physical damage resulting from a vehicle accident can range from a bump on the head to crushed limbs, and treatment can last for many years.

Products Liability

When a defective product causes an injury at work, home, or in public, it becomes a product liability case. The most publicized examples of this type of cases are due to problems with children’s products, consumable foods, vehicle parts, and dangerous pharmaceuticals. For such a product, the party, business, or government that created, sold, or designed the defective unit may be held responsible for the injury or death caused by the unsafe product.

Medical Malpractice

When an injury or death is the result of the negligence of nurses, hospitals, or doctors, the serious injury is considered to be medical malpractice. The issue can include:

  • Surgical errors
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Medication mistakes
  • Improper medical treatments
  • Child delivery errors

Even a small malpractice case can be complicated and drag on for years because of the experts and professional opinions required from both sides.

Property Liability

If defective conditions or a dangerous situation exists on someone’s property, and an accident occurs while a guest is visiting the store, restaurant, or neighbor, the incident is known as a liability case. Although slip-and-falls are the most widely publicized type of property liability cases, dog bites, uneven walkways, or faulty railings can all result in an injury due to defective property problems or foreseen dangerous conditions. Documenting the situation is critical in this type of injury case.

Professional Help

If you find yourself or someone you love suffering from an injury due to the negligent actions or inaction of another person, contact a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Hickey & Turim. Having the expertise of a knowledgeable attorney on your side that can evaluate your case and seek immediate compensation can be critically important.