What to Expect From Surrogacy

Being able to help other parents create a new family can be an exciting experience. The decision to become a surrogate is a personal one, and it is especially meaningful and rewarding. If you have made the commitment to become a surrogate, there are some important things that you should be aware of as you begin your journey.

The Process Will Take More Than a Year

The commitment to surrogacy will take more than a year, including the appointments and legal paperwork that must be completed before your pregnancy. You will have to go through a lengthy screening process to ensure that you are healthy and are the right candidate for surrogacy. Since it is a long-term commitment you are consenting to, you must be physically, emotionally and psychologically prepared.

Know the Types of Surrogacy

You will either choose between gestational surrogacy or traditional surrogacy. You can go over which form is most appropriate for you with your doctor. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so think carefully about the route that is best for you. You can either choose to have your surrogacy facilitated by an agency or a reputable surrogacy lawyer. 

You Will Be Matched With Parents

The next phase of the surrogacy process is getting matched with parents. Prospective surrogates will be screened and matched with parents based on factors such as shared goals and similarities between surrogacy plans. For example, parents who prefer gestational surrogacy will be matched with a surrogate who chooses that method as well. The parents and surrogate will have an initial meeting to get to know one another and a lawyer or agency will determine whether they are a good match. 

Meet With an Experienced Surrogacy Lawyer 

The surrogacy process may look different for everyone, as you do have some control over how you want to plan it. There are several options you can choose in regards to surrogacy. You may have additional questions about the surrogacy process. If you would like to learn more about your rights and the preparations you need to take, schedule a consultation with a seasoned and experienced surrogacy lawyer that many clients trust today.